Fixed Income

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Fixed Income Securities at a Glance

  • Debt instruments issued by governments and companies
  • Provide interest income and the potential for growth
  • Value of fixed income securities may rise or fall based on the difference between the interest rate(s) they pay and the interest rates being offered by other providers, and other factors
  • Often less volatile (risky) than investment in equities
  • In the event that a company fails, bonds are usually repaid before equities

Canaccord's Fixed Income Group researches and invests in the bonds of federal, provincial, municipal, and corporate bond issuers. Our knowledge and experience in sourcing and trading many different types of fixed income securities – including structured and floating rate loans, money market, and guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) – can help you make the right investment choices. At Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, you can benefit from our team's unparalleled expertise, as well as competitive pricing and a broad selection of investment alternatives.

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