Mutual Funds

Your funds. Our commitment.

Mutual Funds at a Glance

  • Professionally managed portfolios of investments
  • Different mutual funds reflect the investment needs of different investors
  • Depending on its mandate, a mutual fund may generate capital gains, dividend income, and/or interest income
  • An easy way to save, usually offering low minimum investment amount and regular savings plans
  • Diversified nature of mutual funds can help reduce volatility (risk)
  • Usually liquid, meaning you have the ability to purchase and sell units easily

You may appreciate the convenience that comes from investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds are professionally managed pools of investments, each with a precise mix of holdings from different asset types (stocks, bonds, money market, etc.), geographic regions, investment styles (value, growth, etc.), and company sizes (small, mid, and large capitalization).

Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management offers access to mutual funds that may fit your investor profile, from extremely aggressive to extremely conservative. These funds are managed by experienced investment professionals who are required to maintain a portfolio composition that does not sway from the investment profile you choose.

Simply put, mutual funds give you the convenience of professional money management and investment diversification.

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