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What is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

ETFs are diversified baskets of stocks or bonds that are designed to track the performance of an established market index, and are priced and traded throughout the day on many different exchanges.

ETFs can track equity indices on a country, regional, investment style and sector basis, while fixed income ETFs track domestic and international, government and corporate and short term to long term bond Indices.

Because ETFs are constructed to mimic an index, they usually have low expenses and fees and are fully transparent so the investor knows which securities are held at all times. Also, ETFs are very tax efficient due to the low level of trading that occurs.

We are pleased to announce a significant new product offering under the Complete Canaccord Investment Counselling Program, Complete Canaccord ETF Portfolios.

We have constructed six Complete Canaccord ETF Portfolios designed to provide your clients with consistent, value-added investment returns through various economic and market conditions.

  • CC Capital Appreciation Portfolio is designed to achieve an aggressive rate-of-return over the long-term.
  • CC Growth Portfolio is designed to achieve long-term capital from predominately equity-based investments.
  • CC Balanced Portfolio achieves a balance between long-term growth, long-term capital preservation and income.
  • CC Conservative Portfolio looks to achieve a total return through reinvestment from fixed income investment and capital appreciation for a 40% allocation to equity investments.
  • CC Capital Preservation Portfolio aims to generate current income along with capital preservation.
  • CC Enhanced Income Portfolio is designed to provide investors with a consistent stream of cash flow.

These Complete Canaccord ETF Portfolios offer our clients a level of risk management and security selection usually reserved for large institutional investors.

For more information or to get started today, please contact a Canaccord Genuity Advisor near you.