Due Diligence

Your needs. Our commitment.

Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management’s proprietary in-house due diligence team is responsible for asset management, research and program oversight of all independent money managers on our product shelf.

The investment challenge is to create portfolios that are driven by skill rather than simply luck and the markets. Past performance, whether of markets or managers, is a clue to determine future success, but not the answer.  The team at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management has proven, hands-on experience in evaluating investment products and managers, to assess which selections and combinations of managers will create portfolios with the highest odds of success over the long term.

The in-house due diligence team takes an objective and disciplined approach to manager review and oversight. They employ a comprehensive analytical software tool, running a breadth of analyses, to ensure a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of all investment managers on our platform.  The team also conducts detailed interviews with the investment managers on a regular basis to highlight any significant changes within each firm.  Using both quantitative and qualitative analyses allows the team to deliver best-in-class managers and mandates to our clients.

Our due diligence focuses on:

  • Investment performance measured through a quantitative rating process which evaluates managers based on a wide range of metrics
  • Qualitative manager evaluations guided by a disciplined process covering investment strategy, portfolio construction, risk mitigation and more
  • Mandate profiles which provide a comprehensive overview of the risk/return/style of a manager
  • Identification and retention of best-in-class portfolio managers, as well as determining the appropriate mix of investment mandates

Presented on a quarterly basis, this due diligence, and resultant recommendations, are used in concert with the comprehensive supervision undertaken by Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management’s Investment Management Committee and internal supervisory structure to ensure our clients’ assets are being managed prudently.