Canaccord Genuity Advisors

You want consistent service and trusted advice. At Canaccord Genuity, our Advisors work to build a long-term relationship with you. That is the only way we can truly understand your life and your financial goals or help you develop strategies to meet them. By knowing you and your priorities, we can help you focus on what is important and work to make the most of your investments – and your valuable time.

Canaccord Genuity Advisors have the experience, support and freedom to help you meet your individual needs. We are driven by our values, and focused on delivering the value of Complete Canaccord – our commitment to putting our clients first. Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management provides a comprehensive range of products and solutions tailored to your needs. Our Advisors have access to industry leading portfolio managers and the insights of high-quality research analysts, as well as the freedom to choose the solutions that are right for you.

For more information or to learn how Complete Canaccord may add value for you, please contact a Canaccord Genuity Advisor today.