Local bursary student shines in CGWM London Graduate Scheme

1 October 2014

Location: London

CGWM London Graduate Scheme

Nick Thibeault, one of the first recipients of the Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Guernsey student bursary, has recently been selected for the CGWM London graduate scheme and is currently working as a trainee portfolio manager on Lawrence Peterman’s team.

Nick was chosen for the bursary scheme in 2009 which supported him during his Economics and Politics degree at Bath University that he completed in 2013, graduating with a 2:1. Nick chose to specialise in macroeconomics, financial market analysis and portfolio theory and in his third year he undertook a placement in industry working as an analyst at Lloyds Banking Group.  

During the summer months Nick worked for the Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Guernsey office in the Compliance team as well as gaining some experience in the front office.  

“It was exciting to see the investment analysis and decisions and this was particularly useful when studying financial theory at university as I had some contextual background,” said Nick.  

It was Nick’s work experience in the Guernsey office that led him to apply for the London graduate scheme.  

“When I met some of the team in London and saw what they had planned as a graduate scheme I was excited to get involved. Having spent a year in industry in the City I decided that London was the place to begin my career, although to say I miss the sea would be a huge understatement!”  

“I have always been interested in fund management and working in the front office in Guernsey gave me an insight into the broad skill set and knowledge required to manage portfolios.  

“As a portfolio manager you have to be aware of both the big picture in terms of geographical and asset allocation as well as more in depth company analysis that will enable you to be a step ahead of the market,” said Nick.  

Nick is currently working on the portfolio management desk undertaking research on individual equities, bonds and alternatives. As a sector specialist for consumer goods he is responsible for tracking this sector and making recommendations.  

Nick has already completed the Investment Advice Diploma and has qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments. He is now undertaking the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program allowing him to perfect his analyst skills and enable in depth analysis of companies and markets. The CFA will take him to the master’s level of qualification in the investment management field.  

Nick recently spent a week back in the Guernsey office where a number of the CGIF Plc funds are managed.  

“Working from the Guernsey office and having the opportunity to spend some time with the fund managers was really beneficial.  I’ve learnt a lot and the experience of working with the different teams across the business will allow me to bring a wide range of knowledge to investment decisions benefitting clients and the firm,” said Nick.  

“Nick is a fantastic example of how important and beneficial student bursaries can be for both the students and the employers,” said Andy Finch, head of wealth management at CGWM Guernsey.  

“Following on from his success on the bursary scheme with us it’s great to have him as part of the Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management team and I wish him all the best for the rest of the graduate scheme.”

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