UK Retail & Institutional Bond Issues

The UK Debt Markets team comprises experienced bond specialists from the investment and sub-investment grade markets

The team is drawn from senior specialists from a range of credit back grounds, including infrastructure and project finance, housing associations, financials, investment grade and high yield corporates.

The team comprises the senior advisers responsible for marketing, originating and structuring all the independent UK retail bond issues in 2011 and has extensive relationships across the distribution networks. The team will continue to proactively support the development of the UK retail bond market.

The UK retail bond

A UK retail bond is similar to a wholesale bond issue, offering long term debt of between 5 and 15 years, with less restrictive covenants than comparative bank facilities or US private placements, but with the following distinct features:

  • Modest issue sizes of between £50m and £150m
  • Listed on London Stock Exchange
  • Price transparency provided by market makers on LSE trading platform (the ORB)
  • Issues must have maximum denominations of £10,000 ensuring accessibility for retail.

Issuer suitability

Suitable to a wide range of issues seeking to raise modest amounts with investment grade or crossover style credit profiles and from a wide range of sectors.

For more information, please contact:

Adrian Bell
Head of Debt Markets UK

Henrietta Podd
Head of Debt Advice and Origination