Portfolio Management

Building and managing a portfolio requires a range of resources, including insights into markets locally and internationally, asset allocation and a broad array of investment choices. A conversation with our experienced team will help you plan for the future and put your wealth to work for you.

Designed to be flexible we have a variety of services which can be accessed via segregated multi-manager portfolios, direct stock or bond portfolios or via our range of investment funds.

Global Perspectives

Through our extensive resources and network of offices we are able to combine global expertise with local presence to help you achieve your investment goals.

Overseen by our Chief Investment Officer (CIO), our rigorous investment process is agreed through a series of investment committees. These incorporate asset allocation, fund selection, stock selection, fixed income, currency strategy and alternative asset class views. From this comes a coherent investment policy.

With an integrated risk framework, our investment managers focus on managing portfolios more efficiently than ever, in line with clients' stated risk profiles, in order to maximise risk-adjusted returns.