All our investment teams have the advantage of using Quest™ – our proprietary stock research tool.Usually only licensed to institutional investors, clients of Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management can benefit from Quest™ in order to take a clear-sighted view of corporate performance in a market place where conflicts of interest are endemic.

Developed to make professional investors’ lives easier, Quest™ is innovative, insightful and impartial. It represents a unique method of analysing wealth creation and valuation – encompassing a comprehensive global database, analytical tools, and ideas-driven research and is a key input to our Stock Selection Committee and a key competitive edge.

A disciplined methodology

Quest™ provides a unique method for analysing corporate performance and valuation – encompassing a global database of over 2,700 companies from 27 countries, interactive on-line models, analytical tools and ideas-driven research publications. Quest™ provides the essential analytics for any company in any sector in any geography and has been used by leading institutional investors all over the world for over 15 years.