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What if... there's an attack on the new technological world order?

Companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google/Alphabet (the FAANGs) have been the primary drivers of the equity bull market, becoming the largest companies in the world in the process. But what would happen if the old world order fought back? What difference would it make to investment prospects?

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What if... Donald Trump actually gets stuff done in 2018?

Many people have written off 'the Donald' as a loud-mouthed braggadocio, full of ill-considered and offensive bluster, both domestically and internationally; not suited to the delicate task of legislating nor fit for the decorum of high office. But what if he turns things around and starts behaving like a real statesman?

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A look back at our 2017 predictions - were we right?

As another year passes and we look toward 2018, we have re-examined our forecasts from a year ago. How accurate were our predictions? And has the world changed very much? Read our scores to see how well we did.

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What if... nothing goes wrong in the world economy?

Most 'bear' commentators are expecting chaos in the world economy during 2018. With an ageing bull market, the likelihood of increased volatility and the potential for inflation, upheavals seem inevitable. But what if the commentators are completely wrong and nothing happens?

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What if ... Brexit turns out well?

In our first possible ‘surprise’ scenario for the New Year, we take a look at Brexit and the effect it will have on economies and markets if things don’t turn out as expected. Since most investment commentators believe the uncertainties surrounding the Brexit negotiations are bad for UK assets and for sterling, what difference would it make if Brexit turns out well? 

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What if... nothing turns out as expected in 2018?

Financial commentators and wealth managers regularly have to make assumptions, on which they base their advice and predictions. But what if those assumptions about 2018 turn out to be completely wrong? In a series of blogs, we look at some possible ‘surprise’ scenarios for the New Year – and the effect they would have on economies and markets.

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