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Unique sector insights.
Emerging market trends. Global analysis.

Research & Strategy

Insightful and expert fundamental research

Our highly talented, experienced analyst team covers almost 1,000 stocks with an emphasis on growth companies. We generate actionable ideas from a unique perspective based on in-depth knowledge and a global, independent platform.

Sector strategies from macro perspectives

Our Portfolio Strategy team provides asset allocation and equity sector rotation strategies based on thorough analysis of the global economy and industry factors. We also offer market and sector strategies based upon a highly practical application of macroeconomic and tactical trends, with an overlay of historical reference.

Institutional investors can discover unique, informed insights through our research portal.

Analytical data from Quest®

We also have extensive access to our proprietary Quest® online platform, which helps inform our investment decisions. This powerful tool provides a range of global corporate financial analysis, equity valuation and thematic research covering 95% of the global market.


Sales & Trading

We provide access to global capital markets, connecting the right idea with the right client at the right time through our experienced team.

Corporate Access & Conferences

We have the contacts and expertise to help you find the right investors to speak to.


Enjoy key investment insights from Quest®, our innovative online platform or get help, advice and support directly from our research and sales teams.


Our dedicated team ensured that all of our business areas that were affected by MiFID II / MiFIR were prepared for the 3rd of January.

How can we help?

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