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Managed Portfolios

With our managed portfolio service, our investment professionals build and run a personalised portfolio on your behalf, based on your investment objectives.

We believe in the importance of diversification to deliver consistent returns over time with minimal risk. Our managed portfolio service achieves this by creating a multi-asset class portfolio tailored specifically for your profile.

Conservative Portfolio

For investors who seek returns with a low probability of loss. The portfolio is predominantly exposed to bond, credit and high interest cash funds.  


Balanced Portfolio

For investors seeking less volatile returns with some exposure to growth. The portfolio is diversified equally across equities, property, hedge funds, bonds and cash.



Growth Portfolio

For investors willing to accept short term fluctuations for moderate to higher returns. The portfolio is mainly geared towards equity markets in both developed and emerging regions and has a meaningful exposure to property and hedge funds.


Moderate Growth Portfolio

For investors willing to accept some volatility in returns for longer-term growth. The portfolio has a greater allocation towards developed market equities and lower exposure to bond and cash funds.



High Growth Portfolio

For investors willing to accept medium term fluctuations for higher returns. The portfolio is fully invested in equities, property and hedge funds across both developed and emerging markets.


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