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Fund prices 

The prices displayed below are as at 17 May 2022

A GBP (Accumulation) IE00B3BRDN43 GBP 1.0898
A GBP (Distribution) IE00B3BRDP66 GBP 1.0089
A USD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZN970 USD 1.0395
A EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNB92 EUR 0.9369
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNC00
A CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4B81 CAD 1.0358
A CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4C98
A AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4M96
T GBP (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4H44 GBP 0.9716
T EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4J67
T SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4K72
T USD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4L89 USD 0.9924
R GBP (Distribution) IE00BSJCDX67 GBP 0.8875
R GBP (Accumulation) IE00BYPZND17 GBP 1.0114
R AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4D06
R CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4F20
R CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4G37
X GBP (Distribution) IE00BYPZNF31 GBP 0.8978
A USD (Accumulation) IE00B3BRDM36 USD 1.6032
A EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCDW50 EUR 1.1275
A GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4N04 GBP 1.0107
A GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG4P28 GBP 1.0867
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4Q35 SGD 1.1011
A AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4R42 AUD 1.0024
A CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4S58
A CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4T65 CHF 0.9303
T USD (Accumulation) IE00BSJCDR08 USD 1.1666
T GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCDS15 GBP 1.1227
T EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCDT22 EUR 1.0333
T SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCDV44 SGD 1.0087
R USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZP462 USD 1.1672
R EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZP579 EUR 1.0329
R SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZP686
R GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4V87 GBP 1.1085
R GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG4W94 GBP 1.0369
R AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4X02
R CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4Y19 CAD 0.8461
R CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4Z26
X EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZP918
X GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5048 GBP 1.0651
X GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG5154 GBP 1.1328
X USD (Accumulation) IE00BGRX9L71 USD 1.1416
H GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BNKLLJ90 GBP 0.8588
H EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BNKLLK06 EUR 0.8627
H SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BNKLLL13 SGD 0.8683
A USD (Accumulation) IE00B3BRDJ07 USD 1.8035
A EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJL65 EUR 1.1726
A GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5261 GBP 1.1273
A GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG5378
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5485 SGD 1.1442
A AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5592
A CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5600
A CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5717
T USD (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJG13 USD 1.291
T GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJH20 GBP 1.1874
T EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJJ44 EUR 1.1747
T SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJK58
R USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNL90 USD 1.1919
R EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNM08 EUR 1.0417
R SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNN15
R GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5824 GBP 1.0503
R GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG5931
R AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5B56 AUD 0.9903
R CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5C63
R CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5D70
X EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNQ46
X GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5F94 GBP 1.1265
X GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG5G02
X USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNP39 USD 1.1036
H USD (Accumulation) IE00BNKLLC22 USD 0.8476
H GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BNKLLD39 GBP 0.8271
H EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BNKLLF52 EUR 0.8459
H SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BNKLLG69
A USD (Accumulation) IE00B3BRDK12 USD 2.3679
A GBP (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5L54 GBP 1.2164
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5M61 SGD 1.1687
A AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5N78 AUD 1.0746
A CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5P92
A CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5Q00 CHF 1.0258
H USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNS69 USD 0.885
A GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJC74 GBP 1.1518
A EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJD81 EUR 1.1648
T USD (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJ725 USD 1.3111
T GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJ832 GBP 1.2169
T EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJ949 EUR 1.095
T SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJB67
R GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJF06 GBP 1.2894
R USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNT76 USD 1.271
R EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNV98 EUR 1.0279
R SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNW06 SGD 1.1265
R AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG8H24 AUD 1.0236
R CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5R17 CAD 0.8328
R CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5S24
R GBP (Accumulation) IE00BJ5CCL85 GBP 1.1229
F GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BJ5CCK78
F USD (Accumulation) IE00BJ5CCJ63
X EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNY20 EUR 1.1435
X GBP (Accumulation) IE00BK7XZ512 GBP 1.1669
X GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5T31 GBP 1.1949
X USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNX13 USD 1.3023
H GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BNKLLN37 GBP 0.8557
H EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BNKLLP50 EUR 0.8622
H SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BNKLLQ67 SGD 0.8662
A GBP (Distribution) IE00BGLP1Z72 GBP 87.9246
A EUR Hedged (Distribution) IE00BGLP2096 EUR 79.2195
A USD Hedged (Distribution) IE00BGLP2104 USD 90.9624
A GBP (Accumulation) IE00BYNFQ459 GBP 107.5417
A EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYNFQ566 EUR 97.6959
A USD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYNFQ673 USD 114.3594
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNZ37 SGD 96.6847
A AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5H19 AUD 95.5278
A CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5J33
A CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5K48
A SGD Hedged (Distribution) IE00BYPZP025
X EUR Hedged (Distribution) IE00BYPZP249 EUR 84.5596
X GBP (Distribution) IE00BYPZP132 GBP 88.426
X USD Hedged (Distribution) IE00BYPZP355 USD 93.2757
A USD (Accumulation) IE00BDF17P27 USD 112.1723
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BDF17Q34
R USD (Accumulation) IE00BDF17R41 USD 120.6091
R USD (Distribution) IE00BDF17S57 USD 114.5674
R GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BDF17T64 GBP 108.6421
R GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BDF17V86 GBP 103.3513
T USD (Accumulation) IE00BDF17W93 USD 95.669
T GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BDF17X01 GBP 89.4088
T EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BDF17Y18
T SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BDF17Z25 SGD 84.6028
H USD (Accumulation) IE000BGPS7M0 USD 79.8868
H USD (Distribution) IE000LGJVQZ2

Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.