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Fund prices

The prices displayed below are as at 17 September 2020.

A GBP (Accumulation) IE00B3BRDN43 GBP 1.0572
A GBP (Distribution) IE00B3BRDP66 GBP 1.0293
A USD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZN970 USD 1.0041
A EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNB92 EUR 0.9212
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNC00  
A CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4B81  
A CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4C98  
A AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4M96  
T GBP (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4H44 GBP 0.969
T EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4J67  
T SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4K72  
T USD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4L89 USD 0.9594
R GBP (Distribution) IE00BSJCDX67 GBP 0.8949
R GBP (Accumulation) IE00BYPZND17 GBP 0.9698
R AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4D06  
R CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4F20  
R CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4G37  
X GBP (Distribution) IE00BYPZNF31 GBP 0.8933
A USD (Accumulation) IE00B3BRDM36 USD 1.634
A EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCDW50 EUR 1.1764
A GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4N04 GBP 1.0437
A GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG4P28 GBP 1.1219
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4Q35 SGD 1.1268
A AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4R42 AUD 1.0404
A CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4S58  
A CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4T65  
T USD (Accumulation) IE00BSJCDR08 USD 1.189
T GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCDS15 GBP 1.1587
T EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCDT22 EUR 1.0779
T SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCDV44 SGD 1.0321
R USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZP462 USD 1.1758
R EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZP579 EUR 1.0652
R SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZP686  
R GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4V87 GBP 1.1314
R GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG4W94 GBP 1.0582
R AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4X02  
R CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4Y19  
R CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG4Z26  
X EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZP918  
X GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5048 GBP 1.0709
X GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG5154 GBP 1.1424
X USD (Accumulation) IE00BGRX9L71 USD 1.1349
A USD (Accumulation) IE00B3BRDJ07 USD 1.8126
A EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJL65 EUR 1.2065
A GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5261 GBP 1.1491
A GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG5378  
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5485 SGD 1.1572
A AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5592  
A CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5600  
A CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5717  
T USD (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJG13 USD 1.2975
T GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJH20 GBP 1.2105
T EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJJ44 EUR 1.2094
T SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJK58  
R USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNL90 USD 1.1841
R EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNM08 EUR 1.0599
R SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNN15  
R GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5824 GBP 1.0576
R GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG5931 GBP 1.2042
R AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5B56 AUD 1.0054
R CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5C63  
R CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5D70  
X EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNQ46  
X GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5F94 GBP 1.1207
X GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BFXG5G02  
X USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNP39 USD 1.0819
A USD (Accumulation) IE00B3BRDK12 USD 2.3198
A GBP (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5L54 GBP 1.1477
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5M61 SGD 1.1515
A AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5N78 AUD 1.0734
A CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5P92  
A CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5Q00 CHF 1.0323
H USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNS69  
A GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJC74 GBP 1.1434
A EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJD81 EUR 1.1685
T USD (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJ725 USD 1.2845
T GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJ832 GBP 1.2078
T EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJ949 EUR 1.0987
T SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJB67  
R GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BSJCJF06 GBP 1.2668
R USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNT76 USD 1.2308
R EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNV98 EUR 1.0194
R SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNW06 SGD 1.0971
R AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG8H24 AUD 1.0132
R CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5R17  
R CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5S24  
R GBP (Accumulation) IE00BJ5CCL85 GBP 1.0471
F GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BJ5CCK78  
F USD (Accumulation) IE00BJ5CCJ63  
X EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNY20 EUR 1.1195
X GBP (Accumulation) IE00BK7XZ512 GBP 1.0739
X GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5T31 GBP 1.1587
X USD (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNX13 USD 1.2444
A GBP (Distribution) IE00BGLP1Z72 GBP 97.8322
A EUR Hedged (Distribution) IE00BGLP2096 EUR 89.3219
A USD Hedged (Distribution) IE00BGLP2104 USD 100.9609
A GBP (Accumulation) IE00BYNFQ459 GBP 114.2091
A EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYNFQ566 EUR 105.1776
A USD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYNFQ673 USD 121.0287
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BYPZNZ37 SGD 102.3747
A AUD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5H19 AUD 101.765
A CAD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5J33  
A CHF Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BFXG5K48  
A SGD Hedged (Distribution) IE00BYPZP025  
X EUR Hedged (Distribution) IE00BYPZP249 EUR 94.539
X GBP (Distribution) IE00BYPZP132 GBP 97.5716
X USD Hedged (Distribution) IE00BYPZP355 USD 102.5245
A USD (Accumulation) IE00BDF17P27 USD 116.139
A SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BDF17Q34  
R USD (Accumulation) IE00BDF17R41 USD 123.4315
R USD (Distribution) IE00BDF17S57 USD 117.9381
R GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BDF17T64 GBP 113.4407
R GBP Hedged (Distribution) IE00BDF17V86 GBP 108.4193
T USD (Accumulation) IE00BDF17W93 USD 99.0451
T GBP Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BDF17X01 GBP 94.4125
T EUR Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BDF17Y18  
T SGD Hedged (Accumulation) IE00BDF17Z25  
X USD (Accumulation) IE00BDF18045 USD 125.7751
X USD (Distribution) IE00BDF18151 USD 116.0829

IMPORTANT: Investment involves risk. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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