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Why choose discretionary portfolio management?

Looking after your own investments to achieve your long-term goals requires commitment, knowledge and objectivity. Managing your own portfolio can also be labour intensive and time-consuming. With our discretionary portfolio management service, you can delegate your investment decisions to an expert. A personal investment manager with the qualifications, experience and headspace to nurture your portfolio in line with your future financial plans and appetite for risk.

What are the benefits of discretionary portfolio management?

Here are a few benefits of choosing a discretionary portfolio management service:

  • Attention – you delegate responsibility for your investment portfolio to a dedicated and experienced investment manager
  • Freedom – you will be freed from having to make all day-to-day investment decisions
  • Expertise – your qualified investment manager, experienced in the machinations of the markets, will act on your behalf
  • Stewardship – your investment manager will get to know you and your circumstances and ensure their investment strategy is aligned with your long-term goals, values and attitude to risk
  • Advantage – your investment manager will have access to the latest research, market analysis and investment themes, and is better positioned to respond to events and new opportunities
  • Oversight – you will be kept informed of the changes we make to your portfolio, and we will review your situation and objectives regularly with you to ensure our investment approach is always aimed towards delivering your future goals
  • Time – that is why you can rely on our team of experts, with long-standing experience of advising clients, to take charge of the day-to-day decisions involved in managing your portfolio of investments.

Your success is our success

Our discretionary portfolio management service will give you peace of mind and the time to focus on other priorities in your life.

Your personal wealth manager is able to focus on your investments and act in your best interests, whilst always taking into consideration your aspirations, attitude to risk and, importantly, your personal situation, including your family and business interests.  

For further information on our costs and charges / fees, please contact us.

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Photo of Alex Whiting

Alex Whiting

Investment Director

Alex is responsible for managing direct equity and multi-manager based portfolios on an advisory and discretionary basis for private clients, trusts, charities and institutions. Alex is a member of the closed ended fund committee and the alternative assets fund committee. He is a Chartered Fellow of the CISI.

Photo of David Herbert

David Herbert

Head of UK Portfolio Management

David is responsible for managing direct equity based and multi-manager portfolios for private clients, trusts and pension funds. David is a member of the CISI.

Photo of Lawrence Peterman

Lawrence Peterman

Investment Director

Lawrence is an Investment Director with over 20 years’ experience managing and advising clients on Investments.  He has been on the CGWM UK Discretionary Stock Selection Committee for five years, playing an active role in the firms Equity strategy.

Previously Lawrence worked as an Investment Manager at Eden Financial before it was acquired by Canaccord Genuity and as an equity analyst at Société Générale. 

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Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.