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This includes trust companies, fiduciaries, insurance companies, Wealth Advisers and other professionals.

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A trusted home for your clients’ investments

Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (CGWM) is a well-established, successful company, and our main objective is the same as yours: to ensure your clients feel confident, valued and satisfied.

Outsource your clients’ investment management needs

We’ll take responsibility for your clients’ investment management needs, liaising with you to build their wealth with confidence. This will free up your time to focus on looking after your clients and supporting them with your own specialist services.

We understand and respect your relationship with your clients, and will have only the level of contact with them that you request. You will retain overall responsibility, and determine each client’s investment goals, suitability and risk profile.

You can use our Wealth Online platform and app to monitor your clients’ portfolios, with instant access to up-to-date details of their investments via a computer, mobile or tablet.

Putting you and your clients at the heart of what we do

We are client-led and committed to delivering what your clients want to achieve from their wealth. We are specialists in protecting assets in extreme market conditions, and will aim to grow the real value of your clients’ assets against inflation.


Get in touch

Speak with one of our experts and find out more about our services.

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A strong track record

When you are choosing a partner to help you manage your clients' wealth, you want to be confident that their investment process is rigorous, robust and trustworthy.

CGWM is a well-established business with a reassuring record of meeting our investors’ wealth management needs and delivering consistent returns. Our choices and recommendations are based on in-depth analysis of all available markets, and our teams are made up of specialists with extensive experience in their individual fields.

We are used to navigating volatile and inflationary markets, and have created our ‘inflation+’ proposition to help protect clients’ wealth during turbulent times.


It’s easy to assess and confirm our performance

You can check on our performance at any time, as we are included in the ARC (Asset Risk Consultants) Private Client Indices as well as being rated by Defaqto; our returns are shown on both the Distribution Technology and Financial Express platforms.

We will also send out quarterly valuations with a current market commentary. In between times, you and your clients can access their accounts whenever either of you want, through Wealth Online.


Our team of technical experts

Our investment process is supported by 14 specialist investment committees and 76 expert in-house researchers and analysts, providing insights into local and international markets. They are aided by state-of-the-art systems and industry-leading tools including Quest®, Canaccord Genuity's proprietary equity valuation system.

Together, our teams and technology work seamlessly to achieve the best possible returns for your clients.


Bespoke, personalised service

We will tailor our service to fit your preferences. We want to build an enduring relationship with you, based on trust and confidence in our ability and willingness to go the extra mile.

You will have your own dedicated CGWM team with a lead manager, who will start by getting to know you and establishing a way of working together that meets your needs.


Core investment services for you and your clients

We offer active investment management, intelligent asset allocation and careful investment selection.

Our flexible investment framework can be adapted to meet each individual client’s objectives, tax position and attitude to risk. We offer a wide choice of risk profiles to suit all your clients and their investment options, including an individual one for IHT planning.

We can provide model-based portfolios, a multi-asset fund of funds or a fully tailored discretionary service. These services are available on our in-house platform. We also provide some of our services through third-party platforms, including our Managed Portfolio Service (MPS), ESG Portfolio Service, Inheritance Tax (IHT) Portfolio Service, and three sterling multi-asset funds of funds.

Find out more


Awards and accreditations

We work hard to offer our clients and intermediaries excellent service throughout our relationship, and our greatest accolade is their thanks, or when they recommend us to their friends, colleagues, clients or relations.

However, we're also very proud when our clients and industry peers recognise our achievements with awards and high ratings. These are some of the most recent.

DFM_Service_Gold_Colour_RGB.png   DFM-Bespoke-Rating-Category-and-Year-5-Colour-RGB.png   DFM-MPS-Direct-Rating-Category-and-Year-5-Colour-RGB.png   DFM-MPS-on-Platform-Rating-Category-and-Year-5-Colour-RGB.png    210205MM01_Defaqto_ESG_Reviewed_Badge.jpg 

 Canaccord Genuity WMOY Winner.jpg       COLWMA 2022 - smaller.png

What do our IFAs say?

Defaqto’s annual DFM Satisfaction Study measures how satisfied advisers are with their current DFM providers. The study asks advisers to rate their satisfaction levels, for DFMs, across fourteen different service categories.

In the 2024 study, we were listed as a top-three DFM provider across seven of the key service categories, and received a Gold Service Rating from Defaqto.


CGWM were rated as a best-performing DFM for:

  • Service – the most important category according to respondents
  • Quality of investment staff
  • Investment flexibility – range of assets
  • Investment flexibility – range of options
  • Provider financial strength and resource
  • Remuneration
  • Client onboarding.



What our clients say about us



Find out more about our specialist services

Our flexible investment framework can be adapted to meet each individual client’s objectives, tax position and attitude to risk. We offer a wide choice of risk profiles to suit all your clients and their investment options through both in-house and our third-party platforms.

Discretionary portfolio management

Find out more

Managed Portfolio Service

Find out more

IHT Portfolio Service

Find out more

ESG Portfolio Service

Find out more

Stockbroking services

Find out more

Investment funds

Find out more

Smaller companies investing

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Specialist wealth management for US citizens

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How can we help?

Speak to us to find out how we can work with you to help your clients.

Get in touch


Investment involves risk. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Our portfolios are designed to work over a typical investment cycle of 7-10 years, so we recommend you stay invested for at least seven years.

The information provided is not to be treated as specific advice. It has no regard for the specific investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any specific person or entity.


Other ways we can help you

We can provide current insights, videos and webinars for you and your firm, as well as organising instructional events – for example on market trends, topical investment themes, or a deep dive into specific services. 

We can also offer you our existing investment management content and market information to share with your clients, to save you having to produce this in house.

If you wish, we can also provide all the following as part of our relationship with you:

  • Regular updates
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Regular factsheets
  • Brochures, flyers and other information about our products and services
  • Consolidated quarterly client valuations
  • Comprehensive tax reporting
  • Access to your clients’ accounts online 24/7
  • Introductions to in-house experts
  • Consumer duty documentation


Meet the team

Our investment specialists and dedicated business development team are available to answer questions and help you in any way they can.

Our people



Want to know more?Get in touch


To find out more about how we go above and beyond to understand your preferences and your clients’ wealth management needs, get in touch. We’ll be delighted to answer your questions and provide further details of our services.

You can also use this form to request a DDQ, a proposal, account opening documentation or a free portfolio review as well as enquire about our fees or terms of business.

Click here to read our privacy policy.


Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.