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2022-2023 Participants

Photo of Kris Bennatti

Kris Bennatti

Hudson Labs

Photo of Khushboo Jha

Khushboo Jha

CEO of BuyProperly

Photo of Jennifer Parrott

Jennifer Parrott

CEO of Locks & Mane

Photo of Michelle Shemilt

Michelle Shemilt

CEO of Numi

Photo of Nicolle Sullivan

Nicolle Sullivan

CEO of Cultiver

Photo of Michelle Zak

Michelle Zak

CEO of Qomply

2021-2022 Participants

Photo of Lucy Aylen

Lucy Aylen

CEO, Never Fully Dressed

Photo of Saawan Logan

Saawan Logan

Co-founder/CEO, North Water

Photo of Monica Ruffo

Monica Ruffo

CEO, The Well Told Company Inc

Photo of Katherine Vellinga

Katherine Vellinga

CEO, Zirkova Vodka

2019-2020 Participants

Photo of Kate Bate

Kate Bate

Managing Director / Partner, Tendril Design & Animation

Photo of Devon Brooks

Devon Brooks

CEO & Creator, Sphere

Photo of Traci Costa

Traci Costa

Founder CEO, PK Beans

Photo of Dr. Dina Kulik

Dr. Dina Kulik

Founder and CEO, Kidcrew

Photo of Keren Moynihan

Keren Moynihan

Co-Founder and CEO, Boss Insights


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Terms and conditions applicable to the program are outlined in the application form.
Information and program details contained herein are subject to change without notice.