Multi-Asset Balanced Portfolio [MAB]

The CGWM MAB strategy is governed by the same investment principles and research process as the MAC portfolio, with additional breadth in the underlying investment universe. The portfolio targets a higher annual return and as such is able to invest in various investment vehicles whose risk profiles do not match that of the MAC portfolio. This ultimately gives the MAB portfolio greater return opportunity, while still focused on attractive risk-adjusted returns.  

CGWM MAB blends both strategic and tactical asset allocation, leading to greater flexibility when investing across asset classes and investment strategies. It draws on a range of investment styles and strategies to generate attractive total and risk adjusted returns.

CGWM MAB is suitable for investors looking for a core portfolio holding, with consistent and attractive return potential, with controlled market risk (beta) and low volatility relative to equities. 

Investment Objective: 

Provide absolute returns of 4-6% per annum over a three to five year period. 

Risk Profile:

Investment Style: 

Actively managed, multi-asset, multi-strategy portfolio investing in a diverse set of global markets through the use of in-house portfolios and third party funds.

Strategy Benefits:

  • Bond like returns with reduced volatility and low correlation to traditional asset classes 
  • Low downside correlation with traditional asset classes
  • Diversified across asset classes,managers, investment strategies, and regional exposures
  • Weekly liquidity