Multi-Asset Conservative Portfolio [MAC]

Challenging economic environments, market uncertainty and the re-emergence of volatility have led investors wanting greater consistency in performance. Recognize this desire for capital preservation and return consistency, CGWM designed its MAC portfolio to help satisfy these investor demands. 

CGWM MAC is suitable for investors looking for a substitute to existing fixed income investments, or a lower risk option to equities. 

Investment Objective: 

Provide absolute returns of 4-6% per annum
over a three to five year period. 

Risk Profile:

Investment Style: 

Actively managed, multi-asset, multi-strategy
portfolio investing in a diverse set of global
markets through the use of in-house portfolios
and third party funds.

Strategy Benefits:

  • Bond like returns with reduced volatility
    and low correlation to traditional assetclasses 
  • Low downside correlation with traditional
    asset classes
  • Diversified across asset classes, managers,
    investment strategies, and regional exposures
  • Weekly liquidity