Blended Australian Equities Portfolio

The Blended Australian Equities Portfolio intends to make investments in securities listed on the ASX 200 that generate a long-term return in excess of that generated by the ASX 200 Accumulation Index using a long only equity strategy.

Performance Metrics: Total return as at 31/12/16*

FY15  FY16 FY17 Since Inception**
Blended Australian Equities 15.40% 6.13% 5.78% 10.40%
ASX 200 Accumulation Index 5.68% 0.56% 10.59% 6.38%
Relative Performance 9.72% 5.57% -4.81% 4.02%

*Past performance is not an indication of future performance
** Inception date: 05/02/14 

Cumulative return since inception to 31/12/16