International Select Equities Fund Performance

The primary investment objective of the International Select Equities Fund is to achieve capital growth through a concentrated portfolio of Australian and internationally listed securities. The portfolio will seek sources of return that are less correlated with traditional long only Australian equity portfolios.

  International Select
        Equities Fund
Return since inception                  21.74%         4.82%          16.91%
Return over FYTD                   -2.79%        -8.82%            6.03%
Return of the first two years                  21.99%         3.53%          18.46%
Volatility since inception                    9.03%       12.80%            3.77%
Sharpe ratio since inception                        0.87            0.09               0.79
Beta since inception                       0.58 Alpha since

Cumulative return since inception

Cumulative Return Since Inception International Feb