Absolute Returns

Absolute Return Strategy
Our multi-manager, multi-strategy offering is designed to generate positive absolute 
returns regardless of market conditions. The portfolio leverages the depth of our
teams’ knowledge of alternative investment strategies, quantitative analytics, and 
portfolio construction techniques to create absolute return portfolios. The multi-
strategy approach is founded on the concept of diversification; as our portfolios are 
diversified across many uncorrelated return sources, creating the potential for 
attractive risk-adjusted returns and low correlation to traditional asset classes. Our 
multi-strategy alternative offering is suitable as both a standalone, and satellite 
investment.  Learn more 

CGWM Strategic Alternative Liquid Transparent (SALT) Portfolio  

The CGWM SALT portfolio invests in directional and non-directional strategies which have demonstrated their ability to generate consistent, positive returns regardless of market conditions. The strategies not only have return streams independent from traditional asset classes, but also show little correlation amongst one another, creating a sustainably diverse portfolio.