Direct Hedge Funds

With returns on traditional assets, such as equities and fixed income, expected to be muted relative to historical norms, investors are left searching for independent return streams and uncorrelated sources of performance. Alternative investments, such as hedge funds, generally seek to achieve positive returns with low correlation to traditional asset classes, irrespective of prevailing market conditions. Investing in hedge funds can help investors build more efficient portfolios, enhancing returns and subduing downside risks from traditional asset classes.

Our direct hedge fund solutions leverage our global scale and resources. With a presence in key global financial hubs, our dedicated hedge fund analysts meet with global best of breed hedge fund managers on a regular basis. Our quantitative screening process and qualitative due diligence framework enables us to identify genuine sources of outperformance and potential sources of risk that many investors often overlook. We offer our clients a diverse set of direct hedge fund investments across the full spectrum of strategies, risk profiles, currency denominations, and liquidity terms. 

Our wide spectrum of direct hedge funds includes: 

  • Equity: fundamental and quantitative long/short and market neutral funds across a range of specific regions, countries, and styles 
  • Global Macro: fundamental and systematic funds with maximum flexibility which seek to exploit inefficiencies across global markets including; currency, fixed income, interest rates, equities, and commodities
  • Multi-Strategy: invests in a broad range of alternative investment strategies, dynamically allocating capital according to prevailing opportunity set