Providing robust multi-asset solutions capable of performing across a broad range of market environments. 

Most investors’ portfolios are less diversified than they appear. Unfortunately, this realisation typically comes after a period of sustained losses due to volatile market environments. This has called for a revaluation of traditional allocation and diversification methods. We believe that investors of all sizes are deserve better solutions- solutions which are able to weather a broader range of market environments, providing consistent and attractive risk-adjusted returns. Our Multi-Asset Portfolios (MAPS) provide just that.

Focused on robust diversification, our MAPS invest across three broad asset classes: equities, fixed income and alternatives. We look to circumvent typical investment biases by diversifying across investment strategies, return streams, managers, geographic exposures and asset classes. Our MAPS are founded rigorous empirical evidence, with the help of proprietary quantitative analytics we are able to study the relationships and time varying nature of asset class behaviour. Through this understanding, we are able to effectively blend asset class exposures together which enhance our portfolios ability to achieve targeted investment goals over full market cycles.

Multi-Asset Conservative 
Portfolio [MAC]

Multi-Asset Balanced 
Portfolio Factsheet [MAB]

Multi-Asset Growth 
Portfolio Factsheet [MAG]

CGWM MAC is suitable for investors
looking for a substitute to existing
fixed income investments, or a lower 
risk option to equities. 
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CGWM MAB is suitable for
investors looking for a core portfolio
holding, with consistent and 
attractive return potential, with
controlled market risk (beta) and 
low volatility relative to equities. Learn more
CGWM MAC is suitable for investors
looking for a substitute to existing
equity investments, with moderate
correlation to traditional asset classes,
controlled market risk (beta) and low
volatility relative to equities. Learn more