Ken Potocky

Contact Information

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T:       604.643.0187 
F:       604.682.2574 
TF:  1.888.663.1899


P.O. Box 10337
Pacific Centre 
Suite 2200 
609 Granville Street 
Vancouver, BC 
V7Y 1H2 

Investment Advisor

Location: Vancouver

Ken's Business Philosophy

Ken analyzes the individual circumstances that apply to his clients and recommends the best solutions to meet those needs. Ken's areas of specialization include:

  • Income portfolios
  • Income Trusts for yield and capital gains
  • Tax advantage products, Flow-Throughs plus Cascade Plans for the Family

When you open an account with Ken and Canaccord Wealth Management, you will establish a partnership that will help you to identify your unique investment requirements: income and security, tax considerations, your current portfolio, past investment experience, and your comfort with risk. Taking your personal requirements into consideration, Ken provides a specific financial solution tailored to best suits your needs.

Ken's Clients

Ken enjoys working with busy professionals, small to mid size businesses, and retired individuals. His clients want wealth preservation, with income, while achieving maximum long-term growth, yet do not have the time to efficiently manage their investments. Ken helps his clients to achieve their financial objectives by giving them the attention that they deserve, helping high net-worth individuals and families to realize their financial goals.

About Ken Potocky, Personally

I have been helping my clients through the markets for 19 years. I especially take great pleasure in giving investment direction to my clients when the markets are uncertain or turbulent such as that experienced in 1987 and 2000 to 2003. I personally enjoy my trips to Powell River to visit my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter.