Our Transactions

Canaccord Genuity has extensive expertise advising our clients on mergers, acquisitions, divestments, capital raising, debt advisory and restructuring. We provide details on a selection of recent assignments below *

BlackrockPM - Aug 2017

£161.5 mil

Financial Adviser on ICG’s investment in Blackrock Expert Services

August 2017

Park - Aug17


Financial Advisor to NCE Group on its sale to Park Place Technologies

August 2017

AtlasforMen - Jul 2017

€35 mil

Financial Advisor on the financing and dividend recap

July 2017

accesso - Jul 17

£58.8 mil

Placing. Joint Underwriter and Bookrunner

July 2017

First Mile - May 2017


Financial Adviser to GCP on its investment in First Mile

May 2017

LEON-May 17


Financial Advisor to GP Investments on the acquisition of LEON

May 2017

TRIG - Apr 2017

£110 mil

Sponsor and Joint Bookrunner on the placing for TRIG

April 2017

DCC - Apr 2017

£219 mil

Financial Advisor to DCC plc on the disposal of DCC Environmental

April 2017

LTG - Mar 2017

£54 mil

Financial Advisor (Acquisition of NetDimensions)

March 2017

HICL - Mar 2017

£260 mil

Sole Placing Agent (Share Issue)

March 2017

Eurocell Mar 2017

£41 mil

Joint Bookrunner (Block Trade)

March 2017

Harworth - Mar 2017

£28 mil

Joint Bookrunner (Placing)

March 2017

* Transactions displayed here include Canaccord Genuity transactions. The logos used in the tombstones represent Canaccord Genuity’s clients unless otherwise specified in the transaction description