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Designed for the pros
Allowing you to be in total control

Our offer

What makes us great

  • Creative pricing based on your strategies
  • Direct market access (DMA)
  • Low latency pre-trade filter
  • Co-location with TMX
  • Support of most platforms

We've got you covered

  • Equities, EFTs & Options
  • Futures
  • Fixed Income
  • GICs

Going the extra mile for our clients

Exchange connectivity

  • On-site technology support and problem troubleshooting
  • Failover power generator for continuous and uninterrupted trading
  • High-capacity redundant fiber optic lines

Accessible markets

  • All major Canadian exchanges and ATSs for equities and options
  • Foreign exchange


  • Low-latency access to TMX markets and Canadian ATS
  • Low-latency access to complementary solutions including Smart Router and Direct Data Feeds
  • Available co-location space


You're in good hands

Our competitive edge in the marketplace has made us a part of the top 5 most active trading brokers in equities on the Toronto Stock Exchange, thus making Canaccord Genuity Direct a household name in the Canadian market.


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