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Tools and technology

Our services are built around leading-edge technology designed to improve your productivity and bottom line by providing you with the sophisticated business tools you need to run your business.

Technology Partnership

Our long-standing working relationship with Dataphile, our technology partner, enables us to provide fully integrated front- and back-office applications.

Dataphile’s revolutionary suite of products gives firms a distinct competitive advantage and proven dependability – 3,000 industry users rely on it daily to help them work more efficiently.

Key Features

  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Cash/margin balanced real time
  • Real time margining using last night’s pricing
  • Real time foreign exchange calculations
  • Unlimited transaction history
  • Maintenance of cost/book value on registered & non-registered accounts
  • Error detection – data is verified on-line against the database
  • Multi currency – CAD/US dollar/Pound sterling/Euro
  • Flexible commission structure
  • Average pricing to a decimal level of five
  • Flexible reporting

The Dataphile application provides three key back-office modules:

  • Execlear – a real-time back-office processing engine
  • ProPhile Desktop – a Windows-based front-office system consisting of two modules:
  • Account Management System (AMS) provides an integrated view of client data
  • Portfolio Reporting System (PRS) is an extension of AMS for analyzing accounts by investment criteria.
  • Order Management System (OMS) – an on-line, real-time trading system


Execlear’s back-office application provides users with:

  • Account opening and maintenance
  • Security master viewing
  • Cheque writing and approvals
  • Internet access set up
  • Journal screens
  • Full online inquiry package

ProPhile Desktop

ProPhile Desktop is comprised of two components, Account Management System and the Portfolio Reporting System.
Account Management System is a windows-based inquiry package designed specifically for the retail advisor to provide:

  • Account activity
  • Advanced list feature
  • Cheque request capability
  • Account opening wizard – produces professional document packages

Portfolio Reporting System is an online, real-time portfolio system that, unlike other systems, does not require nightly downloads. It provides:

  • Client portfolio holdings
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Asset allocation information

Order Management System

Order Management System is an on-line, real-time trading system linked to all Canadian exchanges and a large number of U.S. trade execution systems. It provides: 

  • Buy / sell screens for equities
  • Buy /sell / switch screens for mutual funds
  • Order book
  • OMS reporting
  • Options execution

Our correspondent brokerage services are conveniently accessed through a web-based portal that provides a single point of entry to Canaccord Genuity’s extensive retail products and services.


Through our web portal, users get access to proprietary daily Canadian, US and international research and market reports by Canaccord Genuity's top-ranked research team covering a wide range of sectors.

  • Morning Coffee
  • Momentum Trends
  • Ear On The Street
  • U.S. Research Notes
  • Analysts In The News
  • Capital Markets Review


  • GIC offerings
  • Foreign exchange rates
  • Bond comparisons
  • New issues
  • Corporate actions databases

Fixed Income

Direct access to Canaccord Genuity’s bond desk for up-to-date information on new issues, specials and other trading ideas, as well as Canaccord Genuity's fixed income inventory. Canaccord Genuity’s Fixed Income Group offers a comprehensive set of retail based products:

  • Money market instruments: T-bills, bankers’ acceptance, commercial paper and short-term strip bonds
  • Bonds: federal, provincial or municipal government, corporate and MBS's
  • Strips: federal, provincial and corporate
  • High yield investments: BBB credit rating or less
  • Structured products: equity-linked notes, step-up bonds and accrual notes
  • Foreign currency bonds: U.S. dollars and Euro