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Managed Accounts
Diversified investment solutions

An Objective-Based Approach

We believe that prevailing market valuations tend to be indicative of final outcomes over long time horizons. By taking a forward-looking view of expected returns and risks, we aim to understand if the market is sufficiently rewarding investors for the risks they are taking across different asset classes.

We employ an objective-based approach which aims to determine the appropriate mix of asset classes that is likely to achieve the stated objective while minimising the level of risk required. As investment markets fluctuate and expected returns change, we alter asset allocation around strategic or neutral levels.

This enables us to target long term returns above inflation with greater confidence.


Active & Passive Strategies

We believe that active management has the potential to deliver improved risk-adjusted returns over passive investment strategies. Where the cost of active management doesn’t justify the prospects for outperformance, allocations to passive investments may be more appropriate. As such, the portfolios may engage specialist managers, passive strategies or a combination of both within each asset class.


Key characteristics

Specialist Active Management

We believe that specialists who devote the majority of their time to pursuing returns in a single asset class or strategy have the best prospects for delivering outperformance.


Within certain limits, the portfolios have the flexibility to allocate across different asset classes and can make use of alternatives when the prospects are poor for traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds.


Where it’s most effective, the portfolios may allocate to direct equities offering greater transparency, portability and access to franking credits.

Cost Efficiency

We work with specialist managers to isolate, and pay for, only their highest conviction ideas. When accessing market returns, we do so though low-cost passive funds.


Specialist managers are selected solely on merit and may be replaced at any time as the requirements of the portfolio or the prospects of a manager change. The Investment Committee also has representation from independent experts on asset allocation, portfolio construction and manager selection.