CG Celebrates Women

In recognition of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, the call to #InspireInclusion extends beyond our workplaces and challenges each of us to find our own ways to help accelerate gender equality and empower women and girls in all aspects of life.


What/who has been the greatest contributor to your success thus far?

The whole team! I was taught to be myself and always be honest.  By staying true to those values, I have found support from so many colleagues and inspirational women who motivate me every day.

How do you approach your relationship with mentors and sponsors from within your organization and beyond?

Listen with empathy and be respectful towards everyone. I enjoy being able to provide help and guidance, but I still proactively seek out opportunities to learn from others.

How would you like to see others inspire inclusion?

Just do it. Be proactive about inclusion and lead by example. Be mindful that others’ perspectives can be shaped by experiences that may be very different than your own.

What is one piece of practical advice you would give someone starting out in your team/organization?

Be early and prepared every single day, and never take anything for granted. I’ve been in this industry for decades and I still feel incredibly privileged to do this work. No two days are ever same, and it can be incredibly exciting and rewarding.