CG Celebrates Women

In recognition of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, the call to #InspireInclusion extends beyond our workplaces and challenges each of us to find our own ways to help accelerate gender equality and empower women and girls in all aspects of life.


What/Who has been the greatest contributor to your success thus far?

My persistence has forced me to be resilient while also developing my ability to bounce back from adversity, unleash my potential and achieve my goals. 

How do you approach your relationship with mentors and sponsors from people within your organization or beyond?

The relationship should be a two-way street with information flowing in both directions. Cultivating open and transparent communication channels supports a constructive feedback loop and further reinforces the relationship.

How would you like to see others inspire inclusion?

Educate and communicate. Be tolerant towards those who do not yet appreciate the value of diversity. Negative behavior comes from lack of awareness, not hostility. The willingness to educate is priceless.

What is one piece of practical advice you would give to someone starting out in your team/organization?

Creating a strong first impression can shape how you are perceived and define your long term reputation. Enthusiasm and a strong work ethic are infallible ways to endear yourself to your colleagues and managers.