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Don't leave tax planning too late!
13 décembre 2018 in Timely Topics

By the time spring approaches and personal tax season is well underway, it is often too late to do much to save taxes. Instead, planning ahead and taking action before the close of the year can be one of the best ways to improve your tax position. Here are some actions that should be considered before December 31st. Be sure to speak with a tax advisor for the
best advice relating to your personal situation. 

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Passing Along the Business
12 novembre 2018 in Timely Topics

When you pass along a business to the next generation there are some significant tax implications to consider.

For many business owners, the natural plan for their corporation’s succession is to transfer ownership to the next generation. While there are many factors to consider when deciding to keep the business in the family, the tax implications can be significant.

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Tony Dwyer – US Economy Snapshot
23 octobre 2018 in Our People, Strategy

Tony Dwyer, Chief US Market Strategist at Canaccord Genuity presents the real picture of the US economy – what’s driving the markets and where are they heading?

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Asset Allocation is Important
11 octobre 2018 in Timely Topics

From an investment perspective, asset allocation deals with the way in which your securities are allocated within broad categories.

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Cannabis Legalization Nears: Canadian Advisors Bullish on Marijuana
1 août 2018 in Strategy

Heading into the third quarter of 2018, Canadian advisors are most bullish on marijuana stocks, reveals the latest advisor sentiment survey from Horizons ETFs.

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Tony Dwyer Macro Strategy Industry Update
1 août 2018 in Strategy

Despite the fear of trade wars, flattening yield curve, slower global growth, and the mid-term elections, the positive influences that drive our core thesis still exist.

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