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Sales & Trading

We build relationships - ones which are founded upon trust, sound advice, proactive ideas, delivering results and exceptional service.

Our extensive, global distribution network offers 24x6 live global execution across over 40 local markets, as well as bespoke electronic solutions. And we trade on 10 global exchanges from our sales and trading desks in 14 cities worldwide. This enables us to provide liquidity and the latest market insights when it matters most.

We offer versatile and responsive sales and execution services, ranging from Institutional Equities and International Equities to Electronic Trading and Fixed Income. Our sales & trading team execution capabilities encompasses a wide range of products and services including: Equities, ADR’s, OTC, ETF’s, Fixed Income, Options, Preferreds, Investment Companies.

Our distribution team is focused on adding value to our corporate and institutional clients through a consistent and dedicated process. Our goal is to generate alpha for our clients through all aspects of our services.

Our Services

  • Institutional Equities

    Our experienced sales and trading team provide versatile and responsive execution for a wide range of clients, from emerging to large-cap companies. We offer our clients access to the latest market insights and a comprehensive yet selective range of retail and institutional liquidity.

  • International Equities

    Our team of 20 traders is one of the largest and most experienced of its kind in Canada and operates in all Canadian exchanges and alternative trading systems (ATS). We are a risk-taking trading team focused on trading and market-making in American Depository Receipts (ADRs), foreign ordinary shares, Bulletin Board and OTC securities.

  • Electronic Trading

    We help our institutional clients access multiple pools of liquidity in equity markets across the globe.

  • Fixed Income

    With Fixed Income sales and trading capabilities in Canada, the US and the UK, we provide debt financing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, aiming to maximize returns and minimize risk.

  • US Futures

    CG’s Futures Group is a full-service institutional futures execution provider. We have a highly experienced team with deep industry knowledge that enables our clients to access 35+ exchanges worldwide while providing exceptional pre & post trade support, regardless of the firms our clients custody, prime or clear.

  • US Equity Options Trading Group

    As an extension of the CG Global Sales and Trading desk, our agency-based US Options Desk assists clients with trading options, as well as identifying the best option strategy to capture their expected hypothesis, including option pricing and option value comparisons.

Meet Our Senior Sales & Trading Team

  • Jen Pardi

    Jen Pardi

    Managing Director, Global Head of Equity Capital Markets & Co-Head of US Securities

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  • Joe Mazzella

    Joe Mazzella

    Managing Director, Co-Head of US Securities

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  • Mark Ferriso

    Mark Ferriso

    Managing Director & Head of US Equity Trading

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  • John Gillespie

    John Gillespie

    Managing Director & Head of International Equities

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  • Jason Keighery

    Jason Keighery

    Managing Director, US Equity Derivatives

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  • Alex Unsworth

    Alex Unsworth

    Managing Director, Head of Equities

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  • Will Morley

    Will Morley

    Managing Director, Head of AUS Sales

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  • Jenny Mullineux

    Jenny Mullineux

    Co-Head International Sales Trading (Australia)

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  • Derek Dley

    Derek Dley

    Managing Director, Head of Canadian Equities

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  • Jeremy Livingston

    Jeremy Livingston

    Managing Director, Head of Canadian Equity Trading

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  • Jeff Campbell

    Jeff Campbell

    Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income and Central Funding - Canada

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  • Jason Melbourne

    Jason Melbourne

    Head of CG Capital Markets – Canada and Global Head of Distribution

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  • Graham Saunders

    Graham Saunders

    Managing Director, Head of Origination

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  • Alex Aylen

    Alex Aylen

    Head of European Equities

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  • Jonathan Geering

    Jonathan Geering

    Head of Trading and Sales Trading

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  • Richard Boast

    Richard Boast

    Head of Sterling Fixed Income

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