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A Strong Culture to Drive Our Success

How we interact with each other is critical to our culture. As a global investment bank, we differentiate ourselves every day by providing a truly global perspective, which by its very nature is a product of extensive collaboration and cooperation across borders and business units. As partners, we share good ideas and best practices; provide introductions and assistance and treat each other with dignity and respect.

We are not a large bank and must strive to be a flat organization, by eliminating bureaucratic thinking and fostering innovation. We are fortunate to be nimble in our ability to recognize new opportunities and to take calculated risks, as we aggressively pursue our clients’ interests.

We want to be the company where people feel empowered to satisfy their client’s expectations with the help of all their partners. We support our international colleagues to do their best work, by encouraging an environment that is friendly, collaborative and open.

As a mid-market investment bank, we do not have many of the advantages (or disadvantages) of our larger competition. We work harder and smarter, preparing more for every client meeting, harnessing opportunities to build our expertise and skills and we always make the extra effort to create successful outcomes for our clients and our business.

From the types of clients we represent to the quality of our research and the people we hire, we must always operate with strength of character and integrity. We always strive to act ethically and honestly.

Many of us are shareholders and we know that the end result of all our efforts must be in a sustainably stronger share price. Achieving this is a function of higher revenue and importantly, lower costs. We all need to make smart decisions about how we use valuable resources and how we can improve efficiencies across our business. This will support stronger outcomes in challenging times, and help us outperform in normal markets.