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Our ESG investment strategy explained

Investors are increasingly considering ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles alongside traditional financial factors, to create a more sustainable portfolio. We believe that companies that meet high ESG standards are likely to outperform those that don’t, sometimes by a significant margin. Equally, companies that act irresponsibly have seen catastrophic repercussions, both ethically and commercially.

Our ESG Portfolio Service enables your clients to take a more responsible approach to investing; helping them invest in funds that work towards making the world a better place, while also doing their best for their long-term financial security.

What is ESG investing?

ESG investment principles

Looking at the criteria set out below allows investors to assess a company’s social and economic impact and think about how this might affect a business model over time. Businesses working in a more sustainable way, with robust policies and procedures around ESG issues may also be attractive from a risk and return perspective.

How we create our ESG Portfolio Service

Our ESG Portfolio Service offers your clients impact investing with a thematic approach.

We choose our themes by thinking about the impact they will have on both planet and people, ensuring a holistic and well-rounded approach that brings exciting investment opportunities.

Impact investing means:

  • Choosing companies that we believe will have a demonstrable impact for good on the planet and the people within it
  • Engaging in positive inclusion, which naturally excludes exposure to undesired sectors
  • Investing where we see the potential for a positive contribution.


Our thematic approach

Identifying specific sustainable themes allows for a more specialised investment approach which enables us to pay attention to all opportunities associated with an identified, investible theme.

Our ESG themes detailed below span multiple regions, sectors, and business ecosystems. Looking for consistent exposure to a particular theme ensures the portfolio is focused on high growth and long-term economic value creation.


We believe that these themes, while having a positive impact on both planet and people, are also likely to provide favourable long-term investment returns, as sustainable practices become more and more integral to daily life – and business performance.

Investing responsibly without compromising performance

With this service, your clients invest in managed portfolios, based on our standard Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) portfolios, which we run on your clients’ behalf. This allows them to benefit from our breadth of investment expertise, which includes our ‘inflation+’ investment strategy and protection on the downside.

Our ESG portfolio is built with the same philosophy in mind: we use this inflation+ investment expertise as a base, and then invest in thematic investment funds that meet your clients’ ethical criteria. Each portfolio aims to protect and grow assets in real terms by targeting a return above inflation net of charges, over the medium to long term.

Importantly, we also look for funds that have a long and successful track record of outperforming their competitors. We aim to achieve a dual objective: generating performance while benefiting society.


Our ESG Portfolios

We offer five different Risk Profile (RP) strategies, so your clients can invest sustainably with the appropriate level of risk. Our multi-manager ESG portfolios are designed to work over a typical investment cycle of seven to ten years, so we recommend that clients stay invested for at least seven years.

Our ESG portfolios enable clients to take a more forward-looking, responsible approach to ESG issues. Your clients’ investments will benefit from the best of Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management’s thinking and long-term experience. We monitor and manage portfolios to ensure that each client’s investment risk is kept at a level that suits them through true diversification, while also investing in companies that we believe will have a positive impact on both planet and people.

Learn more about how we can help your clients

Find out more about our ESG portfolio service.

Get in touch

Investment involves risk. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Our portfolios are designed to work over a typical investment cycle of seven to ten years, so we recommend you stay invested for at least seven years.

The information provided is not to be treated as specific advice. It has no regard for the specific investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any specific person or entity.


Download our ESG brochure

  • Find out the details of the service
  • Learn how we choose suitable funds
  • Find out about our three different ESG portfolios.

Meet our ESG investment experts

If you would like to know more about our ESG Portfolio Service, please get in touch. We will be delighted to give you more details.

Photo of Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas

Investment Director, Head of ESG Portfolio Management

Patrick set up and is responsible for our range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) portfolios. Patrick chairs the ESG Committee. He also sits on the firm’s Portfolio Construction Committee, Fund Selection Committee and Alternatives Committee. He specialises in managing investment portfolios for intermediaries, trusts, charities and pension funds, specialising in discretionary mandates.

Patrick is a chartered Wealth Manager and a Chartered Fellow of the CISI. 

Photo of Mike Myers

Mike Myers

Investment Director/ Team Leader

I joined Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management as part of the acquisition of Punter Southall Wealth (PSW) and I manage a range of different portfolios, including private clients, trusts and charities. I specialise in ESG investing and launched PSW’s SRI Service in 2019. I began my career at Neptune Investment Management, helping to build relationships with discretionary fund managers and institutional clients. I hold a BA in politics from Nottingham University, have completed the IMC, the Chartered Wealth Management Qualification (level 7), the CFA ESG Certificate and achieved a distinction for my master’s degree in wealth management at Cass Business School. I was also named in Citywire’s Top 30 under 30 Wealth Managers for 2019.

Photo of Jason Robilliard

Jason Robilliard

Head of Portfolio Management, Guernsey

I was born, raised and educated in Guernsey and started my financial services career in 1986. Having spent several years working in support services and learning how things work, I moved into the dealing room in the early 1990s with a local stockbroker. 

Having qualified in the mid-1990s I moved into investment management. Prior to joining the company in 2018, I spent 11 years working for a Dutch private bank here on the island. During this time, I managed investment portfolios for private clients and intermediaries as well as being the lead manager on the bank’s only collective investment scheme managed in Guernsey.

On joining the team here I was drawn to the culture, which is promoted from the top down. There is a real sense that our clients’ needs are at the core of everything we do. Furthermore, our commitment to continually invest in the business and enhance the client experience sits well with my personal desire to provide the best service we can for our clients.

As Head of Portfolio Management in Guernsey, my focus is to continue to help drive the business forward along with the very talented team of investment professionals we have on the island.


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The war in Ukraine has upended markets, sent commodity and oil prices spiralling and left ESG (environmental, social and governance) investors reassessing their ethics.

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Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.