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Keren Moynihan

Photo of Keren Moynihan

Co-Founder and CEO, Boss Insights

Keren Moynihan is co-founder and CEO of Boss Insights, a company that uses big data and AI to accelerate lending from months to minutes. With a Joint JD/MBA, Keren has a diverse background as a commercial banker, wealth manager and former founder of an impact startup.

Keren is a regular speaker and has been featured in Thrive Global, Disrupter Daily, Women of Influence and Canadian Women Chamber of Commerce, to name a few. She is an advocate for efficiency in private capital and is quoted for saying "Data is the Achilles’ heel of bias. If you don't kill your bias, you're going to miss out on an opportunity."

Keren has built a people-first company and recently Boss Insights was mentioned by CBC as a place where roles are fit to people. Boss Insights has received three award nominations, including two Entrepreneur of the Year (CSPN and The Timmy Awards) and AI Disruptor of the Year (IT World Canada). When asked what motivates her, Keren says that she’s driven by making it possible to quantify and empower dreams.






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