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Deanie Elsner

Photo of Deanie Elsner

CEO, Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc.

Deanie Elsner, Charlotte’s Web CEO since May 2019, is the former President of Kellogg's $4B Snack BU with over 1000 employees and eight plants that manufacture iconic brands such as Pringles, Keebler and Cheez-It. She led the transformation of the Snacks business changing its financial trajectory by evolving the Supply Chain and the route-to-market resulting in profit expansion of 900bps. Prior to this, she was Kraft Foods first Chief Marketing Officer, who led the company strategy to reinvent the marketing capabilities within the evolving high tech and big data landscape. Deanie has 28 years of diverse CPG experience across both line business and marketing leadership roles within and outside the U.S.

Deanie is a passionate and positive disruptor, taking on the toughest challenges, using her head and heart to set bold direction and inspiring her team to achieve great things. She is a leader with moxie who has led the turn-around of three businesses across three different categories within both domestic and international geographies.

Deanie’s previous roles included EVP and President Beverages at Kraft Foods, where she refocused the organization on consumer-relevant innovation, Gevalia Coffee and MiO Water Enhancer, strategically targeted at Millennials. As President of Kraft’s Coffee business in Europe, she expanded business capabilities, designed a portfolio strategy and launched new product innovations across 18 countries setting the roadmap for success.

Earlier in her Kraft career, Deanie led the integration of Boca Foods into the Oscar Mayer division and led the turn-around of the Lunchables brand. Prior to Kraft, Deanie worked at other consumer product powerhouses such as Quaker Oats, Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble.

Specialities: Business transformation, brand and strategic innovation, global consumer marketing and sales, digital and social strategies, leadership, team management, change management.

Deanie sits on the Board of Directors at Owens Corning.

While at the helm of Charlotte’s Web, Deanie has overseen numerous new initiatives based on her dedication to growing the company by driving consumer trust through science, innovation and quality. Company milestones under her leadership include the opening of CW Labs in Buffalo, NY to support dozens of ongoing scientific studies, the earning of a second U.S. hemp strain patent, the opening of a 130,000 sq. ft. production facility (The LOFT) and R & D Lab, the acquisition of Abacus Health and its CBDMEDIC, CBD CLINIC, and Harmony Hemp brands,  becoming a Certified B Corporation, and expansion into more than 21,000 retail doors.  


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