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Meet our Global Investment Banking Team

We build relationships – ones which are founded upon trust, sound advice, proactive ideas, delivering results and exceptional service.

We provide innovative corporate finance & advisory solutions that are tailored to helping our clients achieve their strategic and financial goals. As a leading independent global investment bank, we have the agility to offer a wide range of advisory and capital raising services to both emerging and established companies. 



Photo of Jeff Barlow

Jeff Barlow

President, Canaccord Genuity LLC. (US)

Sanjay Chadda

Managing Director, Co-Head of US Investment Banking, Co-Head of US Technology, Media, Marketing and Information Services Investment Banking

Photo of Dan Coyne

Dan Coyne

Managing Director, Co-Head of Investment Banking, US and Head of Sustainability, Investment Banking

Photo of Andrew Pojani

Andrew Pojani

Managing Director, Co-Head of US Technology, Media, Marketing and Information Services Investment Banking

Photo of Tom O'Connor

Tom O'Connor

Managing Director & Co-Head Healthcare Investment Banking

Photo of Eugene Rozelman

Eugene Rozelman

Managing Director & Co-Head of Healthcare Investment Banking, Head of U.S. Biotech & Spec Pharma Investment Banking

Photo of Matt Steere

Matt Steere

Managing Director & Co-Head Healthcare Investment Banking, Medical Technologies & Diagnostics

Photo of Dudley Baker

Dudley Baker

Managing Director, Digital & Tech-Enabled Health

Photo of Isaiah Knouff

Isaiah Knouff

Managing Director, Financial Sponsors, US

Photo of Amy LaBan, CFA

Amy LaBan, CFA

Managing Director, Financial Sponsors, US

Photo of Marc Marano

Marc Marano

Managing Director, Sustainability

Photo of John Stack

John Stack

Managing Director, Head of US Aerospace & Defense


Photo of Pat Burke

Pat Burke

President, Capital Markets, Canaccord Genuity Corp. (Canada)

Photo of Chris Blackwell

Chris Blackwell

Head of Investment Banking, Canada

Photo of Brian Bacal

Brian Bacal

Managing Director, Head of Debt Advisory, Recapitalization & Restructuring

Photo of James M. Brown

James M. Brown

Vice Chairman, Canaccord Genuity

Photo of Barry Goldberg

Barry Goldberg

Managing Director, Head of Special Projects

Photo of Tom Jakubowski

Tom Jakubowski

Managing Director, Global Head of Mining Investment Banking

Photo of Michael Kogan

Michael Kogan

Managing Director, Head of Diversified Industries (Canada)

Photo of Mike Lauzon

Mike Lauzon

Managing Director, Head of Technology

Photo of Gene McBurney

Gene McBurney

Head of Investment Banking - Latin America & Caribbean

Photo of Jamie Nagy

Jamie Nagy

Head of M&A, Canada

Photo of Graham Saunders

Graham Saunders

Vice Chairman, Head of Origination

Photo of Michael Shuh

Michael Shuh

Managing Director, Head of Financial Institutions Group

Photo of Steve Winokur

Steve Winokur

Managing Director, Global Head of Cannabis Investment Banking

Shoaib Ansari

Managing Director, Investment Banking

Brad Cameron

Sr. Advisor, Investment Banking

Photo of Myles Hiscock

Myles Hiscock

Managing Director, Technology, Media & Telecom Investment Banking

Photo of David Sadowski

David Sadowski

Managing Director, Investment Banking

UK & Europe

Photo of Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

Chairman, European M&A

Photo of Simon Bridges

Simon Bridges

Head of Investment Banking, Europe

Photo of George Fleet

George Fleet

Head of Advisory

Adam James

Managing Director

Photo of Bobbie Hilliam

Bobbie Hilliam

Head of Corporate Broking

Photo of Raj Khatri

Raj Khatri

Managing Director, Head of Metals & Mining EMEA Investment Banking

Photo of Sam Lucas

Sam Lucas

Managing Director


Photo of Eric (Tao) Zou

Eric (Tao) Zou

Managing Director, Head of Investment & Corporate Banking - China


Photo of Duncan St John

Duncan St John

Executive Director, Corporate Finance

Photo of Jeremy Dunlop

Jeremy Dunlop

Executive Director, Corporate Finance

Photo of Daniel Baohm

Daniel Baohm

Executive Director, Corporate Finance

Photo of Grant Brown

Grant Brown

Executive Director, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions Australia

Carl Henschke

Executive Director, Corporate Finance

Tim Hosking

Executive Director, Corporate Finance

Photo of Sam Robinson

Sam Robinson

Executive Director, Corporate Finance

Photo of Daniel Sharp

Daniel Sharp

Executive Director, Corporate Finance

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