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Integrating all the components of your financial life
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Strategic Financial Planning

Creating the roadmap for your financial future

Money Management and Financial Advice

Canaccord Genuity’s strategic financial planning services in Australia complement our other investment services as part of our holistic approach to wealth management. To get started, the Financial Planning Consultants at our firm will typically conduct a cash needs analysis to ensure your long and short-term cash needs are provided for and your existing debts are managed. Working alongside your accountant, they can help ensure your financial affairs are structured to best suit your objectives within the current taxation environment.

Wealth Creation and Preservation

An important part of strategic financial planning is an appropriate investment strategy for surplus income and existing assets. In collaboration with our Financial Planners, your Wealth Adviser can help design and manage a personally tailored financial portfolio, containing a thoughtful mix of investments diversified across, and within, asset classes. This approach can help protect your investments from short-term swings in any one asset class and help build your wealth over the long term.

Superannuation and Retirement Planning

Together with the government age pension, superannuation forms the basis for Australia’s retirement income policy, and is a tax effective way for all Australians to save for their retirement. As a result of being tax effective, there are a number of rules that apply to restrict how much income you can contribute and the conditions under which you can access it. An appropriate superannuation strategy is essential when planning your retirement to ensure you will be able to fund your desired retirement lifestyle.

Insurance Advice

Adequate insurance is an important part of any wealth management strategy. Three in four Australians will be diagnosed with a serious illness in their working life (Australian Bureau of Statistics) which could leave them unable to work. In fact, Australians have a one in three chance of a disablement causing them to not be able to work for more than three months before turning 65 (Institute of Actuaries Australia).

Legacy and Estate Planning

Engaging your entire family in a discussion around the responsibilities and opportunities that wealth brings significantly improves your odds of creating an enduring family legacy. Our Wealth Specialists can work with you and your solicitor to build a comprehensive plan for transferring assets to future generations, while also working with each generation to help manage your family’s legacy.

Aged Care Advice

Having a loved one move into Aged Care can be a traumatic and expensive experience which may come at a very difficult time for all concerned. Funding both the initial entry cost of getting into care and then the ongoing daily care fees is an increasingly complex area. There are many strategies that allow you to provide the person needing care with the best possible outcome at an affordable price, while preserving their partner’s ability to live independently and maintaining the value of their family estate. Our Aged Care Specialists can assist you with these complex decisions and help you map out a strategy to achieve an acceptable result for all involved.