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Appropriate asset class allocation is the foundation
of a successful investment strategy

Our Wealth Management Approach

Our goal is to build and protect your wealth by designing a customised portfolio with a sophisticated mix of investments, diversified across and within asset classes. But first, we need to develop a thorough understanding of who you are and where you’re headed.

1. Understand

Your situation, goals and tolerance to risk

Before we can offer any advice, it’s essential we get to know you. We’ll ask questions about your family, your current financial situation, your cash flow needs, your goals and ambitions, and the level of service you require from us. As all financial strategies involve some level of uncertainty, we’ll also discuss your attitude towards risk. Your answers will help us build a solid foundation on which to structure our advice.


2. Advise

On an appropriate investment strategy

Armed with the information you’ve provided, your Wealth Adviser will carefully consider your investment objectives and, where appropriate, engage our team of Wealth Specialists for additional input. Keeping your personal financial goals front-of-mind, they’ll evaluate your options and prepare a detailed statement of advice that clearly outlines their strategic recommendations. This document would typically be presented and explained to you in a face-to-face meeting.


3. Explore

Opportunities to add value to your financial planning

In addition to a tailored investment strategy, and with your permission and input, your Wealth Adviser will also look for opportunities to further optimise your financial planning strategies. This might involve a review of your retirement planning, estate planning and/or insurance strategies with a view to offering advice on how they could be improved.


4. Collaborate

On the management of your portfolio

Having agreed and implemented your investment strategy, our Wealth Management team can now partner with you in managing and administering your portfolio. Acting as the mail-house for your investments, we take care of all the paperwork relating to the management of your portfolio, keeping you informed of opportunities and announcements as they occur. When it comes to tax time, we’ll provide your accountant with everything they need to know about your investments in a comprehensive end of financial year tax report. Throughout the process, your Wealth Adviser collaborates with you on the management of your portfolio and is always on hand to answer any questions you have. They’ll contact you, as required, with investment opportunities and to discuss the management of your account.


5. Review

Your strategy as your circumstances change

To keep you on track to achieving your goals, your Wealth Adviser can formally review your portfolio with you at agreed intervals. They can talk with you to see if your circumstances or objectives have changed since your last review and may recommend adjustments to your investment strategy or asset allocation. They can also do a health check of your broader financial planning needs, to ensure they’re still being met.