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An Objective Based Approach

CG Managed Account Portfolios

Diversified managed portfolios to suit your risk profile

Our Managed Accounts offer a cost-effective way to invest in a diversified portfolio suited to your risk profile and objectives managed by our highly experienced investment committee. Guided by a sophisticated investment philosophy, the investment committee takes a forward-looking approach in determining the appropriate asset class mix for each portfolio and then works with a range of best-in-class specialist fund managers to access unique investment strategies that are often unavailable to public investors. The result is a range of complete, diversified private investment portfolios structured to outperform.

An Objective-Based Approach to Investment and Portfolio Management

We believe that prevailing market valuations tend to be indicative of final outcomes over long time horizons. By taking a forward-looking view of expected returns and risks, we aim to understand if the market is sufficiently rewarding investors for the risks they are taking across different asset classes.

We employ an objective-based approach to our managed portfolio services which aims to determine the appropriate mix of asset classes that is likely to achieve the stated objective while minimising the level of risk required. As investment markets fluctuate and expected returns change, we alter asset allocation around strategic or neutral levels. This enables us to target long term returns above inflation with greater confidence.

A Sophisticated Investment Philosophy for Your Managed Portfolio

Active and Passive Investing

We believe that active portfolio management can deliver better risk-adjusted returns than passive strategies. However, the costs of active management may not always justify the prospects for outperformance. As such, we may engage active, passive or a combination of both within each asset class


We take advantage of specialisation throughout the investment process with representation on our IC from asset consultancy firm Investsense. Avoiding security selection at the IC level means we can always dynamically allocate to the best security selectors and strategy specialists.

Managers with Structural Advantages

We look for managers with attributes that lead to outperformance. Firms with high levels of staff ownership, careful capacity management and skin in the game. Whilst a track record of successful investing by portfolio managers is crucial, we’re not afraid to invest with smaller, more nimble asset managers.

Concentrated Portfolios

Concentrated equities portfolios with high active share tend to outperform diversified managers. Within equities, we work with managers to develop highly concentrated “best ideas” stock portfolios enabling us to pay only for positions with the best potential for outperformance.


Whilst the strategic allocation for alternatives is zero, we are willing to include certain investment strategies when the relative future return prospects for traditional asset classes are poor.