A wealth management ecosystem that unlocks potential

CG WealthIQ

CG WealthIQ is an integrated wealth management ecosystem where all of CG’s best-in-class people, products, and technology solutions come together to build, track, and optimize customized financial plans.

High-net-worth investors need access to a variety of tools, products, and human expertise. They need strategies to transfer wealth, manage risk, and maximize philanthropic impact. They also need broadened access to institutional offerings, financial analysts, and industry leaders.

CG WealthIQ helps meet those needs by creating fully integrated wealth management plans; comprehensive, customized solutions; and a streamlined client experience.

CG WealthIQ Tool Kit



CG’s best-in-class portfolio solutions platform that helps create customized investment and wealth strategies based on your unique objectives and preferences



Our state-of-the-art financial planning tool that builds simple forecasts and complex strategic plans


Wealth & Estate Planning Specialists

Providing advice on tax strategies, wealth preservation, strategic business planning, intergenerational wealth planning and strategic philanthropy


Portfolio Solutions Team

Dedicated to helping leverage our world-class portfolio solutions platform to build customized strategies


Open architecture product platform

Provides access to a wide variety of products, which enables us to create customized portfolio solutions that answer each client’s specific objectives

The CG WealthIQ Process

CG WealthIQ outlines a financial planning process designed to deliver customized client solutions:


WealthIQ Discovery

Comprehensive client explorations with our Risk Tolerance Questionnaire and Financial Planning team to gain even greater insight into your unique circumstances.


WealthIQ Financial Plan

Our best-in-class planning software, and our team of leading Wealth & Estate Planning specialists, help build bespoke financial plans that incorporate a wide variety of solutions and create better outcomes.


WealthIQ Proposal

Customized investment proposals are generated through with the click of a button. Integrated with DocuSign for a seamless client onboarding process.


WealthIQ Managed Account

Dynamic re-balancing tools make portfolio management effective and efficient.


WealthIQ Reporting

Powerful performance reporting that helps keep accounts on target with holistic oversight.

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