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Michael Cassady

As a Senior Investment Advisor at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, Michael assists high-net-worth individuals and their families in creating, monitoring and implementing financial plans to meet their unique needs.  

Preservation of capital is key to financial success and, ultimately, peace of mind. My goal is to create a unique, high-quality, non-correlated portfolio that performs in today’s volatile market environments. 
Are your current investments suitable for today’s globally sensitive markets? Have you diversified your assets so they are non-correlated? Have you appropriately hedged yourself against severe market swings?  

Today’s financial landscape has shown us that volatility is here to stay. Thanks to the proliferation of derivatives, the speed of information flow and the complexity of the intersecting world economies, severe market swings are becoming the norm. I truly believe that investors need to rethink traditional investment strategies to assure your finances are structured in a way to secure you and your family’s future given the current landscape.

Michael has a degree in Accounting and Finance from Simon Fraser University and is in the process of completing his Chartered Investment Manager designation.


800.663.1899 (Toll Free Canada)
800.663.8061 (Toll Free US)
Fax: 604.643.7606


  • Vancouver
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