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When you partner with us, you’re taking a step towards achieving the life and legacy that you envision.

With financial insight and expertise in every area of wealth creation and wealth preservation, our Investment Advisors will build a financial plan specifically customized for you. This bespoke approach, backed by industry-leading global resources, are compelling distinctions of our firm. We are driven by your success.

Find an Investment Advisor from our network of specialists across Canada.

Find an Investment Advisor from our network of experts across Canada

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Photo of Matt Shadbolt.

Matt Shadbolt

Matt has been working in the financial services industry for close to a decade. Prior to joining Kirby Private Wealth, Matt served as a management consultant in the investment industry, specializing in revenue optimization and analytics. His responsibilities include portfolio strategy, investment research, due diligence and trading. Matt holds an Honours degree in Commerce and the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation from the Canadian Securities Institute.

Office: Toronto

Photo of Gary Singh.

Gary Singh

Gary Singh began his career 40 years ago as a Security’s Analyst at Merit Investment Corporation. A year later, he became a broker, eventually rising to become Senior Partner and Senior Director of the firm. In addition to his professional and fiduciary responsibilities as a Director, Gary specialized in corporate finance and investment banking with a special focus on micro-cap and small-cap companies. Gary has been with Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management since 1996 when Merit was acquired by Canaccord. He is a Senior Investment Advisor.

Office: Toronto

Photo of Robert J. Smith.

Robert J. Smith

As Senior Portfolio Manager, Wealth Advisor and founder of The Smith Group, Robert Smith takes a leadership role in developing innovative wealth management strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Office: Toronto

Photo of Frank Soave.

Frank Soave

Frank Soave has been running a wealth management practice since 1986. Frank and his team take the time to understand all your financial needs. By building a trusted relationship you can count on, he provides wealth advice and solutions to help you achieve objectives that are specific to you and your family, lifestyle, career and future goals. With a solid understanding of your financial priorities, Frank will recommend a wide range of investment strategies through objective advice.

Office: Toronto

Photo of Steve Stavridis.

Steve Stavridis

Steve brings over 28 years of experience in the investment industry to his clients, successfully advising individuals, entrepreneurs and families on all aspects of their financial, estate and tax needs. He graduated from York University in 1986 with an Honours degree in Economics and has been with Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management since 1996.

Office: Toronto

Photo of Clarke Steele.

Clarke Steele

Trust, Confidentiality and Integrity. These distinctions, together with more than 40 years of experience in the financial services industry, form the cornerstone of Clarke Steele’s success and long term relationships with clients. Clients who have complex needs, such as high-profile athletes and members of the entertainment industry, feel confident because Clarke takes a disciplined and conservative approach to investing.

Office: Toronto

Photo of Morgan Steele.

Morgan Steele

Morgan enjoys creating modern portfolios that deviate from the traditional 60/40 mix. Morgan holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from Dalhousie University, and is a CFA Charterholder. He boasts a very well-rounded financial background, with previous roles as both a High Yield Bond Analyst and Equity Research Analyst. To hone his understanding of distressed debt, Morgan spent a stint in New York City with a hedge fund. Morgan is fully options licensed, in order to assist our clients in managing risk and exposure within their portfolios through derivatives trading. As a former competitive golfer, Morgan can often be found on the green. He is an avid reader who enjoys staying active (working out, running or playing beach volleyball.) He is a proud supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society and the work that they do.

Office: Toronto

Photo of Darrell Thompson.

Darrell Thompson

Darrell is a Senior Investment Advisor with 29 years of experience for his Canadian and non-US resident clients with Canaccord Genuity Corp, as well as being a FINRA-licensed Registered Representative via Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (USA) Inc, so as to deal with US resident clients as well. These dual registrations allow him to be able to manage money for clients who retain significant assets in each jurisdiction as well as stewarding complex cross border transactions, whereby registration (and experience) on both sides of the border is required.

Office: Toronto

Photo of Trevor Townsend.

Trevor Townsend

Doing what's best means being able to tell you what you need to know. Trevor believes that trust, candor, responsiveness and good judgment are the hallmarks of long-term relationships. Relationships are about more than your money- they are about Knowing You. With 25 years of experience, he has developed a comprehensive knowledge of investing and provide a holistic approach to wealth management. Working with a team of multi-disciplinary professionals, Trevor delivers advice, recommendations and strategies to address specific financial, tax & estate, insurance, philanthropic and business succession needs.

Office: Toronto

Photo of Al Verma.

Al Verma

With over 25 years of experience advising professionals, business owners and high-net-worth families, Al Verma founded Verma Private Wealth with the unwavering goal of delivering an unparalleled client experience and making excellent investment decisions on behalf of his clients. Before joining the investment industry, Al earned his Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Waterloo as well as his CFA designation post-graduation. Al’s education helped form his firm belief that, much like engineering, investing requires a well thought out blueprint and a solid foundation to achieve strong results on a consistent basis.

Office: Toronto

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