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Why cash flow planning is not just for business

18 June 2024 in Wealth/financial planning

As a business owner, you’ll be familiar with cash flow forecasting to establish and maintain the health of your business. But how do you assess the wellbeing of your personal wealth? Specifically, how may a business sale or exit impact it? Find out why cash flow planning is not just for business.

Exiting your business is the end and the start of an era

The value of planning cannot be underestimated: to determine the best time to exit or sell your business, who you will sell to, how much your business could raise, and how much you will need to fulfil your ambitions afterwards.

When it comes to selling or exiting, most business owners will experience elevated levels of stress from competing priorities. It can take more than a year to get everything appropriately structured in the lead up to an exit, and it’s important that you don’t lose yourself in the process and push your personal finances out of the picture.

There are misconceptions about having to make the biggest sale possible to safeguard your chances of long-term financial security. So getting a cash flow forecast and tax and pension plan before is essential to inform your decision. While you will likely use an expert for the financial matters of your business, a personal wealth planner can ensure you take a holistic view of your interconnected wealth and assets.

The earlier that you, as a business owner, start to consider your personal wealth, the greater the chances of achieving the best possible long-term outcome. As well as potentially influencing how you approach your exit, it can also help you identify tax efficiencies, lower insurance costs, and protect - and even grow - your wealth.

One of the top priorities in your business exit or sale should be you. We use cash flow modelling to ensure you maximise the personal financial benefits of exiting your business, to help you achieve your goals.

Treating your personal finances as seriously as business finances

Cash flow planning is a key tool for your financial future. By assessing your current and forecasted wealth, along with your income and expenditure, planning can help alleviate concerns and questions about the future such as:

  • It can confirm if your pension and savings arrangements are suitable for your needs
  • It can highlight where you might need alternative solutions to prepare for different eventualities
  • It’s based on your hopes and objectives - no-one else’s - meaning it’s a great method to assess how your financial future could pan out
  • The plan allows for growth, interest rates and inflation, so you can be confident it’s as accurate as possible

What will cash flow planning involve for me?

It all starts with a meeting with one of our expert wealth planners. Together we’ll look at your current finances, implications of an exit or sale, and what you want to achieve for the future. This is about getting to know you and identifying major milestones in the road ahead, whether that’s retirement, helping a child through university, or buying that holiday home you’ve always dreamed of.

We use intelligent financial software to forecast whether your current arrangements will credibly meet these goals, and stress-test them against several scenarios. We even build in assumed stock market crashes to test investment return perspectives. From this, we can create a personalised lifetime cash flow plan and recommendations on solutions. Your plan will tackle:

  • Known knowns – fixed costs such as living costs
  • Known unknowns – future costs that may occur in the future, over and above your day-to-day living
  • Unknown unknowns – this is about building a healthy contingency into your plans to buffer against the unexpected.

From this, you can discover potential retirement funding gaps, find out how to cover long-term care costs, or plan how to fund your family for future generations. We can present a cash flow plan in your preferred format, such as a table, summary, or graph – the findings are discussed in-depth, however.

By implementing a financial plan, we have helped clients to use any surplus income in the years before they retire – for extra pension contributions and ISA investments. The aim is making investments last longer and trying to prevent a shortfall during your projected lifetime.

Your plan can be revised for each development in your family or financial circumstances. For instance, it can be created before and after your business sale or exit, so that you’re making the most of the rest of your life.

You’ve achieved a lot. We can help you achieve even more

You’ll be advised by qualified experts, most of whom have been in the industry for many years. Supported by our investment management analysts and researchers using industry leading tools, they’ll help you build your wealth with confidence.

Our service will revolve around you and your unique needs and is built on trust and understanding. As our wealth planning service is independent, we can advise you on a broad range of solutions and choose the best options for your needs. Our Wealth Planners aren’t tied to any specific products or providers.

Remember, it’s never too late to begin any kind of wealth planning – whether you’re thinking about selling or exiting your business, or you have just completed the process – you can make your wealth work as hard as you did.

Talk to one of our independent Wealth Planners for a free cash flow planning consultation, to be confident that you’re in control of your future.

Book your free cash flow planning review

Book a free, hour-long cashflow planning meeting with an independent wealth planner.

Rest assured that this is not a sales call. It’s your opportunity to get to know your financial adviser and find out if you’ll have enough money to achieve your plans, without any obligation to go further.

Your review will cover five important points:

  1. Your financial situation – your income, assets and outgoings
  2. Your current priorities such as school fees, retirement or buying property
  3. Your goals and aspirations both for you and your family
  4. How a financial plan could help you achieve the future you aspire to
  5. A personalised, high-level cashflow forecast for you to take away
Free review

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David Goodfellow

Head of UK Financial Planning

David specialises in financial planning and tax driven investment planning. He has over 15 years' experience in advising on and investing in VCTs, EISs and tax driven property structures, and is part of the CGWM Advice and Solutions Committee. He is a member of the Personal Finance Society and The Chartered Insurance Institute.

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Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.