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Pride 2022: An interview with Alysha Goddard

29 June 2022

To celebrate Pride month, CGWM UK spoke with LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies across our business to find out what Pride means to them.

Here is our interview with Alysha Goddard, Investment Associate at Adam & Company, about what allyship means to her. 

Thanks for talking to us today, Alysha. As an ally, you could be quietly supportive, but you speak out for us. Would you be able to tell us why you’re so passionate about LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion?

Fundamentally, being a vocal, visible, and supportive ally is the right thing to do. During university, I had a friend who transitioned, and I saw first-hand the journey he went on and the battles that him and other LGBTQ+ people face. That was all for simply being themselves! So, my allyship stemmed from it not only being the right and moral thing to do but to become a better friend.

You’re quite active amongst CGWM’s equity, diversity and inclusion networks. Can you speak more about why diversity is important to you?

It’s important to have different people in all aspects of your life. It makes for a well-rounded team, you visit different viewpoints and perspectives and most of all, it encourages people to be open and understanding. Working within financial services too, it means that we’re opening what can be perceived as an intimidating profession to as many people as possible.

At CGWM, I’m a co-founder of the Women’s Network along with Anna Trickey and an active member of the diversity, equity and inclusion working group. My focus in the Women’s Network is to bring a wider conversation about intersectionality, ensuring all women are heard and represented, and that our policies at CGWM reflect that.

What does being a good ally mean to you?

LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion is something I’m passionate about. To me, allyship is educating myself and using whatever platform I have to empower and uplift LGBTQ+ voices.

It also means listening to my LGBTQ+ colleagues and friends to understand how I can better use my privilege in supporting LGBTQ+ causes, maximising exposure of important conversations and that I help create a comfortable environment where they can be their true self.

Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.