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Nigel Mather

Photo of Nigel Mather

Head of IT

I have worked for the company for over 20 years. During this time it has transformed from a two-office, green screen terminal type environment to nearly 20 offices spread across the UK and the Crown Dependencies with an enterprise class platform and technology suite.

Over the last few years my focus has moved more to team management, governance and project lead role as we have acquired multiple businesses along with all the challenges and opportunity that brings.

I believe that what differentiates an average IT department from a really good successful one is that people really care about what they do, we are fortunate to have helped foster exactly that across the team.

Location: Jersey

A bit about me:

Living in Jersey, I walk my dog along the beach and enjoy dalliances with random musical instruments to annoy the family.

What does can-do mean to me:

You could call it an ethos, an approach, or an ideology. We simply call it can-do.

The desire to do something is not constrained by the challenges that might prevent us from getting there, there is always a way to square the circle.


+44 1534 708157
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Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.