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Our news and insights hub covers a variety of key topics from the investment world such as retirement and pension planning, wealth and tax planning, ESG investing, investment market updates and the latest global economy and market news. You can sign up for our latest wealth management news if you would like to receive regular financial insights from our experts. You can also download a digital copy of our latest News & Views publication here.

Latest posts

Why investing in a sustainable food system is a key investment theme in 2022

With global resources dwindling and population growing, we look at why investing in a sustainable food system is a key investment theme for investors in 2022.

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Why investing in electric vehicles is a key investment theme in 2022

Demand for more sustainable transport solution, leads us to believe investing in electric vehicles will be a significant investment theme for 2022. Find out more.

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Quality, tenacity and can-do: Terry Smith of Fundsmith on his investing and career success
16 November 2021 in Investing

What makes Fundsmith founder Terry Smith such a successful investor and business leader? Find out in our exclusive video.

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What does a circular economy mean for investors?

The circular economy is no longer a pipe dream. Find out how you can invest in this greener vision of the future in our article here.

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What is happening in the investment markets?

In our latest webinar for clients, our Chief Investment Officer, Michel Perera discusses what is happening in the investment markets. Find out more here.

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What is greenwashing and can ESG investors avoid it?

As our fears for the planet’s future grow, so does the unethical practice of greenwashing, but how can conscientious investors avoid falling in to the greenwashing trap?

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We're part of Canaccord Genuity Group Inc., a publicly traded company under the symbol CF on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Established in 1950, it is now a leading global financial services firm, operating in wealth management and capital markets.

The Group has offices in 10 countries, including wealth management offices in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Canada and Australia. Canaccord Genuity; our international capital markets division, operates in Canada, the US, the UK, France, Ireland, Hong Kong, China, Australia and Dubai.

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Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.